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Phone: 410 315-9727
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SmarTek Systems - Company Information
Sensing and Systems Integration Solutions
Company Profile

SmarTek Systems builds the tools needed for Traffic Detection, Traffic Monitoring and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). We specialize in video-based and acoustic sensors, the communication interfaces necessary for modern traffic signal managers and the ITS industry leaders. Our products accurately detect vehicles, monitor traffic flow, and provide necessary data collection for traffic managers, planners and response teams. SmarTek Systems is an independent resource for system engineering planning and analysis, sensor installation, field site integration, communications protocol development, and operator training. The management and staff of SmarTek Systems specialize in systems, sensors, signal and spatial processing (algorithms, DSP hardware design, and DSP software development), automated information processing and reporting, and system operating concept development. Since its founding in 1995, SmarTek continues to support the ITS Highway Traffic Detection market by providing advanced technologies which we firmly back with our product guarantees and improvement programs.
Contact Information

Please contact us via email any time at the addresses below. Our office hours are between the hours of 9am to 6pm ET.
Telephone: 410 315-9727
FAX: 410 384-9264

General Information:
Postal Address:
14710 Kogan Drive
Woodbridge, VA 22193