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SmarTek Systems - Documents
Sensing and Systems Integration Solutions
SmarTek Acoustic Sensor (SAS-1) Installation and Setup Guide
SmarTek Video Image Detection System (SVS-1) Installation and Setup Guide
A. SVS-1 Overview, Hardware, and Interfaces
B. Using SVS Setup and Monitor Software, Version 3
E. Using a Mouse and Monitor to Setup the SVS-1 Card
HiWayVU Traffic Monitoring Software for Windows
Please Call SmarTek Systems for the Latest
Version Specifications and Capabilities
A. SAS-1 Intro and Background
AA.Master Documentation List
B. SAS-1 Specifications and Service Information
C. SAS-1 Operating Modes and Architecture
D. SAS-1 Unpacking, SAS Monitor Installation, and Quick Checkout
E.SAS-1 Installation at the Traffic Monitoring Site
E-1. SAS-CT Rev 2.4 Wiring
F. SAS-1 Setup Using SAS Monitor and Setup Software
G. SAS-1 Detailed Communication Formats
H. SAS-1 Relay Interface Configuration And Connection
I. SAS-1 Wireless Configuration and Operation
J. Cable Diagrams for SAS-1 and Associated Equipment
K. SAS-1 Based Truck Roll Over Warning System
L. Using the SAS-1 as a Count Station And Converting Archive Files to PRN Files
Y. SAS-1 Communication Via Internet

HiWayVU Features
HiWayVU Startup Operation