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SmarTek Systems - Engineering Services
SmarTek Systems has significant engineering expertise needed to develop, design, and bring to market specialized sensing, signal/spatial processing, communication, and display solutions. We have expert systems engineering, algorithm design, hardware design, and software design talent to provide objective and timely design and design review teams for organizations with a limited available engineering workforce.

Examples of suggested applications of our technology in integrated solutions for various customers:
Sensing and Systems Integration Solutions
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• Portable event, traffic, and incident monitoring in Trichord Inc PEMS platform for use in everyday traffic management to FEMA operations
• Small or Ultralight Aircraft, UAV or Drone detection

A. Concept of Operations for Border Protection
B. Concept of Operations for Abandoned Runway Monitoring
C. Detection Test Results of SAS-1 applied directly without modifications to this issue
D. Comparison of Acoustic Sensor Technology based on Array configuration and size