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ProStar and SunSaver Battery Controllers
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Phone: 410 315-9727
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SmarTek Systems Cabinet Battery Controller/Charger
Sensing and Systems Integration Solutions
Features and Specifications
ProStar Controller

- Short Circuit, Reverse Polarity and Overload Protected
- 4 LEDs to indicate high-low battery/system status
- Low voltage load disconnect
- Configures for 12V or 24V automatically
- Optional meter displays solar and load voltage and current
SunSaver Controller

- Epoxy encapsulated for protection in humid conditions
- Green charging LED and red low voltage LED
- Optional low voltage load disconnect
- Configurable for sealed or flooded battery
Morningstar Corporation's ProStar and SunSaver battery chargers/controllers are sophisticated controllers using advanced technology and switching PWM charging. The battery charging process has been optimized for longer battery life and improved system performance. These controllers are designed to perform in all environments.