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SVS-1 Dual and Single Channel VIVDS detector cards
Phone: 410 315-9727
Copyright 2008 SmarTek Systems, Inc. Reserved
SVS-1 Processors - Shelf Mount and Card File
Sensing and Systems Integration Solutions
SVS-1 Dual and Single Camera Card Processors
SVS-1 Multi-Camera Shelf Mt Processor
The SVS-1 video image detection system is a very afforable and easy to install alternative to "in pavement" magnetic loops.

The SVS-1 delivers reliable intersection stop line vehicle detection using state of the art processing hardware designs and sophisticated processing algorithms.

The SVS-1 Processor can be configured for up to six (6) "off the shelf" NTSC cameras. That means six intersection approaches can be covered using just one small footprint SVS-1 processor.

The SVS-1 can be setup using only a mouse and monitor or using a PC running SmarTek's easy to use SVS Setup and Monitor software.
- Setup using a mouse and monitor or via a PC with SmarTek software.
- True Vehicle Presence- Call is held while vehicles are in the zone.
- Low Installation cost, configurable for up to 6 NTSC cameras.
- 30 directional zones per camera, flexible grouping logic per phase.
- Up to 8 opto-isolated Vehicle Presence Relay outputs per camera.
- Vehicle Presence Relay routing to onboard connector.
- Vehicle Presence Relay routing to external relay cards.
- SDLC Interface eliminates need for detector cardfiles.
- Six opto-isolated inputs for the Shelf Mount model.
- Low Power Requirements-12 VDC to 24 VDC.
- Dimensions- 4.5" H x 6.75" W x 8.0" L for Shelf Mount model.
- Dimensions- Standard TS-2 Card form factor for Single Camera card.
- Temperature Range - -35 C to +75 C
- Two Year Warranty
Features and Specifications