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SVS BUI for TS-2 SDLC connections
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SVS-1 BIU SDLC Interface
Sensing and Systems Integration Solutions
This option is for users with TS-2 cabinet controllers. The SVS-BIU module allows up to 3 SVS-1 video cards to connect up to 6 cameras via an SDLC interface directly to the cabinet controller. Powered from the SVS-1 cards, it is ideal for smaller detection and solar powered applications without a card file present, or retrofitting TS-1 and legacy controller locations.
SVS Bus Interface Unit with SDLC interface and
Three Serial Port Inputs from SVS-1
Cards or Shelf Mount Boxes

--Quickly Connects to up to 3 serial ports of SVS-1 video detection cards via RJ-45 cables
--No external power source required.
--SDLC D-connector on front panel for easy routing to cabinet controller.
--No separate SVS-BUI set-up required. Responds to user selected outputs programmed into the mated SVS-1 cards transparently after SVS-1 line zones are configured.