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SAS-1 Homerun Cable
Sensing and Systems Integration Solutions
The homerun cable for the SAS-1 carries power and RS-422 signal (differential signal) for each SAS-1 sharing the cable. The cable run may be as long as 2000 ft so long as required voltage and current levels at the SAS-1 sensor are present. Normally, voltage drop in the homerun cable limits the length when multiple SAS-1 sensors share the same cable. The SAS-1 Cabinet Termination (SAS-CT) and the SAS-1 Junction Box (SAS-JB) provide extra connector positions to use more than one pair of cable conductors for power, thus reducing the homerun cable voltage drop.
Features and Specifications
- Belden-M 9504 CMG 4PR24 Shielded or Equivalent
- 4 Pair 24 Guage Stranded Twisted Pair with foil shield and shield wire
- UV Resistant
- Color Code: Red/Black (Power), Blue/Black (Tx+/Tx-), Green/Black (Rx+/Rx-)
- Color Code: White/Black (Power for long runs), Shield (Ground)
- Cable Run Length: Up to 2000 ft