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SAS-1 Junction Box
Phone: 410 315-9727
Copyright 2008 SmarTek Systems, Inc. Reserved
SAS-1 Junction Box (SAS-JB)
Sensing and Systems Integration Solutions
The SmarTek Systems SAS-1 Junction Box is used to provide the connection between a long homerun cable and the SAS-1 shorter pigtail cable shipped with the SAS-1 sensor. The SAS-JB also provides gas tube surge protection against large transients. The SAS-1 sensor has solid state surge protection for fast transients. Signal and power lines in the SAS-JB use standard pluggable terminal block connectors.
- Power and Data Lines use a Pluggable Terminal Block Connector
- Gas Tube Surge Protection (Solid State protection is located inside the SAS-1 sensor)
- Junction Box mounts using stainless steel bands
- Junction Box is made of cast aluminum
Features and Specification